Paris Tolix

Paris Tolix

645 kr


Vårt salgsteam kan gi deg en gratis prisantydning! Det er raskt og enkelt, og på større kvanta kan vi tilby deg som kunde gunstige priser. Om du vil ha best mulig pris, kontakt oss i dag for å diskutere dine behov.


For fans of industrial and retro loft interiors, we present the PARIS chair inspired by TOLIX.
The structure is made entirely of powder coated steel in a selected matte or glossy color, which makes it easy to keep it clean and gives it a unique character. The special technique of pressing and bending sheet metal guarantees the chair’s extraordinary strength and at the same time makes it surprisingly light. Thanks to this, they can be easily moved and stacked up to 15 pcs.
See also our stools and stools from the PARIS collection inspired by TOLIX.

Vekt: 4 kg
Høyde: 84 cm
Bredde: 45,5 cm
Setehøyde: 44 cm
Dybde: 45 cm
Setedybde: 35,5 cm

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